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Are you really my friend?"

Taryn Plumb, Artscope Magazine, March 2012
Ali Donahue, Dispatch Magazine, March 2012
Mark Feeney, Boston Globe, March 2012
Emily Burnham, Bangor Daily News, March 2012
Jennifer Rooks, Maine Watch on MPBN, February 2012
Nicholas Schroeder, Portland Phoenix, February 2012
Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe, February 2012
Bob Keyes, Maine Sunday Telegram, January 2012 catalogues/essays
Elizabeth Quaglieri, Technology in the Arts, January 2012 interview with Mark Bessire, Are you really my friend?, Portland Museum of Art, Portland, ME, Catalogue 2012.
Rebecca Falzano, Maine Home and Design, January/February 2012 essay by Leslie Brown, New England Survey, Photographic Resource Center, Boston, MA, 2008
Rachel Corbett,, December 2011 interview with Chris Thompson, A hard day's light, Zero Station, Portland, ME, exhibition brochure 2004.
Rachel Bertsche, MWF seeking BFF, December 2011 essay by Sharon Corwin, Sites unseen: Photographic visions of the vernacular landscape, Colby College, Waterville, ME, Catalog 2004.
Linzee McCray,, December 2011 essay by Mark Bessire, Domestic Culture: home in visual culture, ICA at MECA, Portland, ME, exhibition brochure 2001.
Bob Keyes, Maine Sunday Telegram, September 2011 essay by Aprile Gallant, Local Color: Six Contemporary Photographers, Portland Museum of Art, Portland, ME, Catalogue 2001.
Jeff Inglis, Portland Phoenix, February 2010 podcast
Chris Busby, The Bollard, April 2009 Knack Factory 2013
Edgar Allen Beam, Yankee Magazine, April 2009 Portland Museum of Art 2009
Zachary Pelham, Arts Editor, November 2008 Portland Museum of Art 2007
Mark Feeney, Boston Globe, April 2008                
Randy Hopkins, Boston Phoenix, March 2008  
Ian Page, Portland Phoenix, November 2007  
Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe, May 2007  
Ian Page, Portland Phoenix, April 2007  
Ian Page, Portland Phoenix, May 2006  
staff writers, Portland Phoenix, February 2006  

Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe, 2005


Chris Thompson, Port City Life Magazine, 2004

Bob Keyes, Maine Sunday Telegram, March 2004  
Chris Thompson, Portland Phoenix, December 2003  
Chris Thompson, Port City Life Magazine, 2003  

Paul Parcellin, Art Papers Magazine, 2002


Lance Tapley, Portland Magazine,2002, January 2002  
Chris Thompson, Portland Phoenix, January 2002  

Joanne Silver, Boston Herald, 2002

Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe, 2001  
Jenna Russel, Portland Phoenix, August 2001  
Chris Thompson, Portland Phoenix, 2001  
Edgar Alan Beem, Maine Times, 2001  

Philip Isaacson, Maine Sunday Telegram, Portland, ME, 2001


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Edgar Alan Beem, Maine Times, 2000  
Annie Seikonia, Casco Bay Weekly,1998  

Karen Merkle, Eerie Times, 1995

Lisa Bornstein, South Bend Tribune 1994


Wayne Curtis, Casco Bay Weekly, 1994